Here is the way I work, I do no pretend to have the one solution, I experimented such treatment from the patient point of view, this is how I would have like things to be done.

Book your session :

You can call me during opening hours, explaining the reason why you need one therapy or the other, and your availabilities.

Initial check-up :

Please come in an appropriate outfit for paramedical check-up, prescription if there is one, every exams you realized prior to your visit (blood check-up, RMI, scans…). Bring your Carte Vitale.

The initial check-up begins with an anamnesis (in depth questioning). Then a still and a dynamic test are performed. Finally the last check-up, more accurate, is dedicated to the specific areas.

The purpose of all these tests is to find the most appropriate therapy and actions, but also to understand why and how the patient finds himself in such situation. This is the stage where being both physiotherapist and osteopath give a huge advantage to the analysis.

The therapy is chosen, explain to the patient and confirmed by him. The patient signs the initial check-up summary and receives a copy.

Further appointments are to be booked

The session :

It depends if the treatment is starting or coming to an end.

Physiotherapist acts are performed with the consent of the patient.
For example, a treatment using shockwaves may be painful but will be efficient.

Osteopathic acts are explained and performed in total indolence as it is neither painful nor harmful.

The physical rehabilitation cannot be a success if the patient do not perfectly understand it requiers effort from him, notably with physical exercices to be performed at home on a more or less regular basis.

When sessions are booked for a child or a teenager, at last one parent or person legally in charge of the kid must attend the first sessions.

Payment :

Ongoing payment. If one patient cannot attend a session and does not inform me, the session will be charged.

Payment by cheque. Osteopathy and physiotherapy acts will be differenciated.

Schedule :

Monday, Tuesday, Thurdsay and Friday from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

Pricing :

It is illegal to display or communicate on prices. These are consultable at the cabinet or by phone.

Physiotherapy sessions are eligible to a 60% refund (based on the regular pricing) by the Securité Sociale. Private insurances refund the balance. Users of the Carte Vitale will be refund quicker.

Ostheopathy sessions are only refundable by private insurances. Invoices will be created on demand.

Useful links

Website of The French Social Security : (In French)



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